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Agency performance

The strategic plan that outlines the work of the Commissioner is informed by the statutory obligations under the Commissioner for Children and Young People Act 2006. The activities undertaken by the Commissioner for Children and Young People in 2015−16 are reported in this section according to the Commissioner’s strategic directions.

The strategic directions incorporate all key aspects of the agency’s strategic and operational planning including vision statements, goals, key themes, outputs and a yearly business plan, which is updated annually. The three main areas of work for this reporting period are:

The way forward

In June 2016 the Commissioner released a five-year strategic plan, Our approach and priorities 2016-2020. This document outlines the three key platforms that the work of the office will align to in the years ahead:

  • Promoting the rights, voices and contributions of children and young people
  • Monitoring and advocacy to strengthen the wellbeing of all WA children and young people
  • Prioritising the needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people.