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Agency performance

Performance Management Framework

The Commissioner for Children and Young People’s Performance Management Framework is consistent with the State Government goal of Results-Based Service Delivery: Greater focus on achieving results in key service delivery areas for the benefit of all Western Australians.

Desired outcome for the Commissioner for Children and Young People

The views and issues of children and young people are heard and acted upon.

Key Effectiveness Indicators:

  • The extent to which children and young people in various regions of the State are consulted.
  • The extent to which issues impacting upon children and young people are identified through consultation and research.

Service undertaken by the Commissioner for Children and Young People 

Consultation, research and promotion of the wellbeing of children and young people.

Key Cost Efficiency Indicators:

  • Average cost per consultation exercise with children and young people.
  • Average cost of conducting research and consultation.

New Key Performance Indicators have been introduced for the 2017−18 financial year that will capture the contemporary work of the office in line with its core functions and objectives.

The revised Key Performance Indicators will report on the number of children and young people consulted, a broader range of representations and the public awareness raising activities undertaken by the office.

This will be consistent with the new State Government goal to build strong communities by increasing the role children and young people have in decision making and advocating for families to be supported.