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Local Government Policy Award

The annual Children's Environment and Health Local Government Policy Awards were established in 2013 and are coordinated by the Public Health Advocacy Institute of WA, Healthway and the WA Local Government Association (WALGA). The awards aim to promote and celebrate local governments that demonstrate outstanding commitment to building and maintaining environments that support the health of children.

Children’s Consultation Award

Sponsoring the Children’s Consultation category award enables the Commissioner to recognise and promote high quality consultation activities involving children and young people, and the benefits these create for children, young people and communities.

Award winners


The City of Albany was the recipient of the 2018 Children’s Consultation category award.

The City of Albany won the award for its innovative and creative consultation methods to involve young people in developing its Youth Friendly Albany Strategy (2017-2025), including the Albany Youth Advisory Council, online and face-to-face forums.

The City of Rockingham also received a commendation for the development of their Strategy for Children and Young People, which demonstrates strong forward planning for consultation with children and young people in their area.


The Shire of Kalamunda is the 2017 Children’s Consultation Category award recipient.

The Shire engaged 450 local children and young people through face-to-face activities, online surveys and targeted feedback strategies to inform their Youth Plan and, in doing so, has achieved a fantastic result for the whole community.


The City of Kwinana is the 2016 Children’s Consultation Category award recipient.

The City of Kwinana demonstrated many innovative ways to consult with young people from their community on Council planning, development and projects, such as the new Kwinana Outdoor Youth Space. Consultations were undertaken in a range of ways to take into account the needs of children and young people and methods that suit them. As part of the project, more than 100 young people gave feedback at a pop up indoor skate park event, and many more through online surveys and a photo competition.

The City’s Youth Outreach Live Outdoors (YOLO) program was also a great example of engaging young people who are difficult to reach and involving community partners to ensure that young people can have their say on what happens in their community.


The City of Melville was the recipient of the 2015 Children’s Consultation Category.

The City of Melville was outstanding in its demonstration of ongoing consultation with children and young people. There is strong evidence of regular, hands-on engagement with all ages of children and young people in the community, rather than one-off consultations. The consultations themselves are innovative, engaging and dynamic, and the implementation of initiatives following the consultations has resulted in meaningful outcomes for children and young people, and positive growth for the community.

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