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Child Safe Organisations WA seminars

These seminars are designed for leaders, managers and staff of organisations that provide activities and services for children and young people. Participants will be provided with information, resources and opportunities to reflect on the key considerations in developing and maintaining an organisation culture that is child-focused, respectful and accountable.

Bookings are now open for the following dates: 

Tuesday, 5 September

Wednesday, 11 October 

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Seminars provided by the Commissioner are highly sought after so please do not register for a seminar unless you are certain you will be attending on the day.

The Commissioner's Child Safe Organisations WA program promotes and supports the implementation of child safe principles and practices in organisations in Western Australia. The program aims to help agencies identify and manage any risks that affect the safety and wellbeing of children and young people, including physical and sexual abuse, bullying and accidental injury. To do this the seminar content includes discussion of published case examples of abuse occurring in organisations, offender profiling and grooming behaviours. 

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