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Broome and Fitzroy Crossing regional visit report released

The Commissioner has released a report on his April 2016 visit to Broome and Fitzroy Crossing.

During the visit the Commissioner met with several agencies, services providers and school students to hear of their experiences and the challenges of living in a regional community.

Mr Pettit said he was very impressed with the way services providers collaborated to meet the growing needs of children and young people in the area.

 “I was particularly pleased to hear there has been a significant increase in the number of Aboriginal young people completing Year 12, as a sound education is a vital component of an individual’s life-long wellbeing” Mr Pettit said.

 “Children and young people were generally very positive about their communities and I was greatly inspired by their enthusiasm and energy, with many of them having to travel long distances to attend school and participate in activities.”

WA Young Person of the Year Preston Culbong accompanied the Commissioner on his visit, attending all of the meetings and also speaking to Aboriginal children and young people.
As part of the visit, the Commissioner also heard about some of the significant challenges facing the community, including the over-representation of Aboriginal children and young people in the child protection and youth justice systems, and the impact of alcohol abuse.

 “These are complex problems and require a comprehensive and sustained response, however, I am very encouraged by the number of initiatives led by the Aboriginal community and the assistance being provided by government and non-Indigenous service providers,” Mr Pettit said.

The Commissioner visits regional and rural Western Australian communities to often give children and young people in these areas the opportunity to have their views heard.

 The information the Commissioner gains during his visits supports him in his advocacy for improving the wellbeing of children and young people.