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Grandparents share life stories with younger generations

I had the absolute privilege this morning to meet with five Aboriginal grandparents who have shared stories from their lives to inspire and inform younger generations.

The six grandparents from various metropolitan locations came together in late 2016 and shared their stories which were then transcribed and published in a booklet, This Is Me: Grandparents’ Yarning. This booklet was inspired by, and builds on, the collection of young person’s profiles developed as part of our 2014 consultation with Aboriginal children and young people, also called This Is Me.

In speaking today with Theresa, Josie, Eunice, Isobel and Albert I heard first-hand accounts of being removed from families, of leaving school at a young age and a strong commitment to their families. Many of these inspiring grandparents went on to further their education later in life and work in a diverse range of jobs.

Each of them is a role model not only within their family but to the wider community on resilience, the importance of learning and the role of family in wellbeing.

This Is Me: Grandparents Yarning was produced by Westfield Park Primary School with assistance from the Child, Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Armadale and the Champion Centre Elder Engagement Project.

My congratulations to all involved.