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Seminar for parents concerned about cyber safety

More than 220 parents attended last night's seminar at Churchlands Senior High School to hear from 2016-17 Thinker in Residence Professor Jane Burns.

Professor Burns’ seminar outlined research and strategies that parents can use to enhance their children’s online safety and encourage them to choose positive social and developmental networks available through social media.

It was a fantastic start to this year’s Thinker in Residence program and I was pleased to see so many parents in attendance.

Professor Burns’ research has many practical applications and I am looking forward to seeing how her work can be used to enhance the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people in WA.

Professor Donna Cross from the Telethon Kids Institute also presented at the event, as did two young people from the Telethon Kids Institute’s Cyber Savvy Project who provided important insight.