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Wyndham students to report to Commissioner

The Student Leadership Group from Wyndham District High School has been appointed as an Advisory Committee to Western Australia’s Commissioner for Children and Young People for 2015.

The group of students, ranging in age from six to 12, will be exploring local issues important to them and reporting back to acting Commissioner Jenni Perkins.

Commissioner Perkins will visit the group later this month to meet the students and learn about growing up in the East Kimberley.

“I am pleased to welcome Wyndham Senior High School’s Student Leadership Group as an Advisory Committee and I am looking forward to hearing their views,” Ms Perkins said.

“While there have been several regional Advisory Committees in past years, this is the first committee from the Kimberley region and I expect that they will bring a unique perspective of growing up in a remote area of Western Australia.”

Later this year the Advisory Committee will undertake research within their community and create a report that will be presented to the Commissioner.

Advisory committees are one of the ways the Commissioner hears the views of WA children and young people every year, with the information they provide used to help guide the work of the Commissioner’s office.

In addition to their research project, Advisory Committees provide advice and comment on other projects and issues the Commissioner is working on.

Since 2010, the Commissioner has appointed 12 advisory committees, including the other 2015 Advisory Committee, the Perth-based School of Special Education Needs: Sensory.

The Commissioner for Children and Young people’s role is to undertake research and consultation and work with the government and community to strengthen children and young people’s wellbeing. The Commissioner is independent and reports to the WA Parliament.

More information about the Commissioner and her role is available at