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Child Protection Benchmark

The Commissioner worked in partnership with the Australian Centre for Child Protection and members of the Australian Children’s Commissioners and Guardians Group (ACCG) to develop a national child protection practice benchmarking tool.


Comprehensive support and protection of children and young people who have been subjected to abuse or neglect should be a priority for the community.

With the number of children and young people in the out-of-home care increasing across Australia, it has never been more important to ensure the models and processes of child protection agencies are meeting the complex needs of vulnerable children.

There are currently limited resources available that help child protection agencies and oversight bodies to identify whether current approaches are delivering the best possible outcomes for children and communities, and where evidence-based improvements can be made.

The project

The purpose of the tool is to provide an evidence-based and nationally consistent approach for agencies to assess the models and processes used in child protection practice.

The tool will aim to address the child’s experience, cultural considerations and also provide training and skill development for child protection workers.

It will aim to improve practice by identifying systemic standards for child protection responses, to better support individual children and families and provide a range of benefits for the broader community.

A review of recent research and identification and review of child protection practice frameworks across Australia has been completed. See the report below published in June 2018:

Assessing the quality and comprehensiveness of child protection practice frameworks - a report prepared for the ACCG by the Australian Centre for Child Protection

pdf 1MB Download pdf

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