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Responding to the coronavirus pandemic

"I have been receiving a lot of care from the school and my parents. I say a big thanks to the frontline workers.

WA young person

Commissioner's message

It is vital at this time that we all consider the safety and wellbeing of our children and young people. We need to be proactive in helping them to understand what is occurring in the world right now and reassure them that they are not alone in feeling anxious.

I have asked WA children and young people to share with me how their day-to-day lives have been impacted and what helps them to stay positive during this time, and there are several ways in which we are monitoring how children are feeling.

Limited social activities and time away from schools will heighten the risks for our most vulnerable children. Children and young people who are living in poverty or with family violence, those who are away from their families or Aboriginal children who are away from their country may need additional care and support from a range of services. I continue to be in regular contact with organisations working directly with children in out of home care and those in the justice system.  

​I thank everyone who is providing vital frontline care to WA's children and young people right now - including teachers and school support staff, child care workers, foster carers, residential carers, youth justice officers, youth workers, medical staff, support services, parents and guardians.

Our children and young people will need support and guidance through this period and beyond. They also have much to contribute and should be encouraged to play their part in looking after their own wellbeing and supporting one another wherever possible.

Colin Pettit

Read the Commissioner's Opinion piece in The West Australian - Kids need support in this testing time

Commissioner's resources

WA children and young people are sharing with the Commissioner how their day-to-day lives have been impacted and what support has helped. These views have informed the following resources.

COVID-19: As told by WA children and young people

pdf 3MB Download pdf

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic as a Child Safe Organisation

pdf 293Kb Download pdf

COVID-19 pandemic recovery - Assessing the impact on children and young people

pdf 288Kb Download pdf

Supporting children and young people through the COVID-19 pandemic

pdf 414Kb Download pdf

Top tips for parents and carers

pdf 312Kb Download pdf

Children and young people's views on the impact of COVID-19

pdf 328Kb Download pdf

Wellbeing of WA children and young people

Almost 5,000 children and young people took part in the Speaking Out Survey 2019 on how they see their wellbeing. While most students rated their overall wellbeing positively, there are concerns when it comes to mental health and safety.

The Indicators of Wellbeing is a practical resource that provides a single, collated overview of the wellbeing of WA’s children and young people and helps to identify what is working and where changes in policies and practices are required. This data is updated regularly.

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