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Self-regulation publications

During his residency, Dr Shanker referred to publications and resources that provide useful further information concerning self-regulation.

Some other related resources have been included. 


Infant/child mental health, early intervention and relationship-based therapies by Connie Lillas and Janeice Turnbull - an interdisciplinary framework for clinicians based on current neuroscientific research, to assist in assessment and intervention.

Last child in the woods by Richard Louv - a book which discusses the lack of nature in the lives of today's children and young people and links this to rises in obesity, attention disorders, and depression.

Handbook of self-regulation (2nd ed) edited by Kathleen D Vohs and Roy F Baumeister - the handbook examines how self-regulation shapes, and is shaped by, social relationships. Failures of self-regulation are also addressed, in chapters on addictions, overeating, compulsive spending, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.


The ALERT Program - the ALERT program teaches self-regulation awareness. Although the program initially was intended for children ages 8 to 12 with attention and learning difficulties, it has been adapted for preschool through to adults and for a variety of disabilities.

PATHS - Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies Program - the PATHS program is a universal, classroom-based social and emotional learning program aimed at primary school students.

The Classroom Assessment Scoring System™ (CLASS™) -an observational tool for teachers focused on classroom interactions that boost student learning.

DVD and videos

Building Brains for Young Children published by Ngala - this DVD covers brain development from conception to age 3 with special emphasis on attachment, the role of dad's, language development, play, nutrition and sleep.

2012 Thinker in Residence keynote address - Dr Shanker's keynote address delivered at Wesley College, Perth, 5 June 2012

People for Education keynote address - Dr Stuart Shanker discusses how new research on brain development is changing ideas about how we learn, teach and parent, at the Canadian People for Education conference 2010


The Milton and Ethel Harris Research Initiative - Dr Shanker is the director of this research institute.


Self-Regulation: Calm, Alert, and Learning by Dr Stuart Shanker, in Education Canada Vol 50 (3), 2010 - this article provides an overview and case studies of self-regulation in the classroom.

Self-Regulation Overview by Dr Stuart Shanker

Classroom strategies for self-regulation by Dr Shanker


Dr Stuart Shanker's new book, Calm, alert and learning published September 2012.