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Young Aboriginal Researchers in Community (YARiC)

The Commissioner’s Young Aboriginal Researchers in Community (YARiC) 2022 project empowered 7 young Aboriginal women from Kalgoorlie high schools to learn about ethical community research methodologies.

The YARiC group explored a key finding from the Commissioner for Children and Young People's (CCYP)’s Speaking Out Survey 2021 where female young people rated their wellbeing below that of their male peers, reporting higher rates of stress and lower life satisfaction.

The YARiC group completed three-days of intensive training in July designed and facilitated by an Indigenous research ethicist.

They worked together to develop survey questions and created an online survey for school peers about wellbeing, mental health, connectedness, and gender equity.

In September 2022 the YARiC girls helped 54 students to complete the online YARiC Wellbeing survey in their schools.

The findings of the survey have been compiled in a draft report that the girls presented to the CCYP Joint Standing Committee at Parliament House on 29 November 2022.

YARiC Survey Report

The views collected by the YARiC girls from 54 students in Kalgoorlie will be published in early 2023 and represents their concerns about gender inequity, sexual harassment, stereotyping, and unfair social norms.

Young people suggested ways to improve such as educating respectful behaviours, safer communities, and widespread campaigns promoting inclusion, equal opportunities and wellbeing for all children and young people.

Stay tuned for the final report release in early 2023!


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