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Youth engagement co-design project

Are you aged 14 to 24, living in Western Australia?

Would you like to work with great team of young people to help design the Commissioner’s new youth engagement strategy?

You’ll be well supported to participate, get to learn a bunch of new skills and receive payment (and lots of snacks) for your time!

The Commissioner for Children and Young People Jacqueline McGowan-Jones is an independent officer who advocates for your rights and makes sure you can have a say on matters that are important to you.

In the past, the Commissioner has used Advisory Committees to help her understand what’s important to young people and to assist with projects she is undertaking. 

This year, we’re changing it up!

The Commissioner is calling on interested young people to be part of a special team of youth advisors to help design a new process for working with children and young people in the future.    

Some of the activities that you’ll be able to undertake as part of the team include:

  • Sharing your own ideas, experiences and suggestions for change in a safe and fun way.

  • Exploring a variety of models that other organisations use, like young ambassadors, advisory councils, or youth advocates. There are lots of options out there!

  • Getting training to do some peer research with other young people, and report on the findings.

  • Being supported to develop your findings and make recommendations to the Commissioner.

The first meeting is set to take place in early July, with a bunch of meetings planned throughout the year. If you can’t attend meetings in person, that’s fine too!

If want to know more, please contact, or call 1800 072 444. 

Fill out a short application form here or scan the QR code below.