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Youth health

Young people have specific health needs that stem from the physical, behavioural, psychological and cognitive developments they are experiencing.

These include sexual health, mental health, information and advice regarding alcohol and drugs, body image, nutrition and injury prevention.

We can improve young people’s wellbeing and shape the future health of the population by investing in youth health. This will have significant social and economic benefits to the community in the long term.

For up to date information refer to the Commissioner's Indicators of Wellbeing data resource.


Youth health seminar

Report on discussion themes and outcomes

Position statement on youth health

Speaking out about youth health

Young people's experiences with health services

Policy briefs

Adolescent health

Developed from the Commissioner's 2014 Wellbeing Monitoring Framework

Obesity and its impacts on the wellbeing of WA children and young people

Developed from the Commissioner's 2014 Wellbeing Monitoring Framework


Submission to the Department of Health Climate Health WA Inquiry, August 2019

The Commissioner has responded to the Department of Health's Climate Health WA Inquiry

Letter to Minister for Health - MyHealth Record implications for young people, September 2018

The Commissioner raised his concerns regarding the implications of My Health Record for children and young people in Western Australia with the Minister for Health.

Submission to the Medicare Benefits Schedule Review, August 2017

Recommendation regarding HEADSS Adolescent Psychosocial Risk Assessments

Letter of support for the development of the Western Australian Youth Health Policy, September 2016

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