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Teaching resources

The Commissioner has developed classroom resources to engage students in fun, interesting scenarios that form the basis of the discussion and activities.

The purpose of the Commissioner for Children and Young People WA’s teaching resource is to provide students with opportunities to engage with members of their class, school and the broader community to make meaningful, real-life improvements to their world.

The Commissioner is committed to consulting with children and young people, encouraging them to ‘stand up and be heard’ on issues that affect them and to increasing recognition of their value as members of the community.

Teaching resources are available for Kindy through to Year 7 to meet the differing needs of students through each year level.

Shout Out @ School - Information Sheet for Teachers

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This Is Me - A Reconciliation Resource

Responding to the views expressed by Aboriginal children and young people, the Commissioner has developed a resource for educators to help them work with students to plan and undertake activities that support reconciliation in the school and community.