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What children and young people are saying about their living environment

"My place is Perth because I love going to Perth and I love how modern the city is and that it is a very unique city." Artwork and words by Mandurah student

Children and young people’s living environment – your home, school, local community – has a fundamental influence on your health and wellbeing.

The Commissioner asked children and young people across WA to share their thoughts about where they live through a statewide artwork consultation, community planning workshop, the Change Champions group and online DigiMe platform.

Hundreds of children and young people shared what they like and dislike about their local environment and how it could change for the better. You can see what young people said in the resources below. 

It is clear that children and young people have great ideas about how their environment can be improved to be more child and youth friendly, and want to be included in the conversation about the design of their local communities.

The Commissioner has sent this information to state and local governments and people in the wider community, encouraging them to listen and involve you in decision making.

You can also contact your local council and get involved. Here are some ideas...

  • Youth Action Groups
  • Youth Councils
  • Youth Advisory Groups 
  • Town Teams
  • Youth Surveys
  • Council Community Engagement
  • Arts & Culture Groups

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