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Careers and employment

“The two most important things in my life right now are the people in it and my traineeship. They both have a massive factor on my quality of life and I am so grateful for both.” WA young person

These websites can provide helpful support and advice about your career and info about employment rights and responsibilities.

myfuture - National career information service

myfuture is an interactive service that offers information to help you with career planning, career pathways, starting work or changing jobs. You can create a career profile and take quizzes to gain self-knowledge about appropriate careers as well as read about different careers and courses in Australia. 

Australian Apprenticeships Pathways

If you are interested in apprenticeship and traineeship career pathways, the Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website has tools and resources to help with your research.

FairWork Australia

When starting a new job there is a lot you need to know. FairWork Australia has developed a best practice guide for young workers to help ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities. The guide has important information such as your entitlements, probationary periods, hours of work and resolving issues.

Jobs and Skills WA

Jobs and Skills WA can help you with information on vocational education and training, from looking for the right course or training provider or considering an apprenticeship or traineeship. You can search over 3,000 courses and qualifications and explore information such as how to enrol, course fees and assistance programs.

WorkSafe SmartMove

When you enter the workforce for the first time it's unlikely you will know much about work health and safety. WorkSafe SmartMove teaches young people about work health and safety so you can recognise the potential dangers, hazards and risks, and provides you with the tools to stay safe in the workplace.