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Geraldton's Indigenous Youth Council

Geraldton's Indigenous Youth Council was the inaugural regional Commissioner's Advisory Committee in 2010.

Their ideas, information and efforts helped the Commissioner on a number of projects including the Commissioner's inquiry into the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people and the development the 'Face to Face' report to children and young people.

The Indigenous Youth Council (IYC) was established to give young people a voice in the Geraldton community. The group is supported by the Geraldton Streetwork Aboriginal Corporation and members are young people up to 18 years of age.

As part of the IYC, young people get the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities, including their leadership qualities. The IYC determine their programs, camps and fundraising activities and provide supervision for the very successful Geraldton Streetwork Aboriginal Corporation holiday programs.


September 2010

Members of the Regional Advisory Committee met with the Commissioner’s staff, this time to talk about the Commissioner’s website and mental health.

The Advisory Committee members explored the website during the meeting, particularly the Shout Out Section, and gave feedback about what they liked and what they thought could be improved. Generally they liked the colours and photos and suggested more pictures be included on each page.

After pizza they gave their ideas about being mentally healthy and ways in which adults can support them. They felt that involvement in school and sport are very important, as were friends and trusted people to talk to and setting positive goals.

This information will feed into the Commissioner’s inquiry into mental health and wellbeing along with other consultations being held with children and young people.

Finally members were presented with certificates of appreciation for all their work throughout 2010.

June 2010

The Commissioner met with her Regional Advisory Committee, Geraldton’s Indigenous Youth Council at their regular meeting place Streeties (Geraldton Streetwork Aboriginal Corporation).

Members talked with the Commissioner about what it was like for children and young people living in Geraldton. They highlighted how much they enjoyed all the sport activities Geraldton has to offer and also the holiday activities they can do at Streeties. Fighting and bullying were issues that concerned them.

Members also took a look at the Commissioner’s Face to Face 2009 annual report to children and young people. They gave advice to a member of the Commissioner’s staff on how to make the publication more enjoyable for children and young people to read. One part of the publication they particularly liked was all the photos.

They also let the Commissioner know that “it was a good time to see the Commissioner because she can see what we do”.