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Advisory Committees

Advisory committees made up of existing groups of children and young people aged under 18 years are appointed each year. Fifteen groups have been appointed as advisory committees since 2010.

The committees contribute directly to the work of the Commissioner throughout the year and until 2016 completed an ‘Us and Our Community’ project in which they report on what they like about their community and their ideas for improving it.

2017 Advisory Committees 

The two 2017 Advisory Committees will support the Commissioner’s ongoing focus on strengthening the mental health of WA children and young people.

The two main activities will be:

  • Meeting with the 2016-17 Thinker in Residence Professor Jane Burns and contributing to the theme of the Residency ‘supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people through social media and technology’.
  • Participating in a co-design process with the Commissioner’s office and Telethon Kids Institute, with the aim of identifying and describing a social media or technology-based service that could support a locally-identified mental health need for young people.

The 2017 committees are:

  • North metropolitan advisory committee - a group of 15 young people from Girrawheen Senior High School, Sacred Heart College and Balga Senior High School and the local area.
  • Geraldton advisory committee - a group of 15 young people from Geraldton Senior College, John Willcock College, Nagle Catholic College and Strathalbyn Christian College.

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