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Indicators of Wellbeing

Indicators of Wellbeing

The Commissioner for Children and Young People has developed the Indicators of Wellbeing, an evidence-based model to monitor and report on the wellbeing of WA children and young people.

The Indicators of Wellbeing is a component of the Wellbeing Monitoring Framework. It is designed to be a practical resource that provides a single, collated overview of the wellbeing of WA’s children and young people and helps to identify what is working and where changes in policies and practices are required.

The Indicators of Wellbeing data is structured across the life course of children and young people and organised into three domains: Learning and participating (now available), Healthy and connected (released 2019), and Safe and supported (released 2019).

Select an age group below to view the first release of data across 24 key indicators and approximately 60 measures in the Learning and participating domain.  

The following links provide further detail on the Indicators of Wellbeing and the Wellbeing Monitoring Framework: 

Overview of Indicators of Wellbeing

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Profile of WA Children and Young People - November 2017

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More information

If you would like more information or assistance using the Indicators of Wellbeing please contact our office.