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Stratton Edge Youth Centre

The Stratton Edge Advisory Committee was a group of about 150 young people aged 12 to 17 who attended the Stratton youth centre.

Operated by the Rise Network, the youth centre provides social, recreation and sporting and support services. Coming from diverse backgrounds, the young people were keen to be involved, have a voice and potentially make a difference in their community.

Stratton Edge Youth Centre

Us and Our Community project

The Committee planned to explore their lives and community through art, research and film.

  • Urban art project: Through several workshops young people were encouraged to gain a greater sense of themselves, their place in the community and how young people are perceived.
  • Community profile: The committee considered statistics regarding population, education, employment and services in their community, and identified key lifestyle information that is missing from this data.
  • Film: Using the information from the first two components the committee produced a film with stories of young people in the Stratton community, the issues that concern them and recommendations for change.


8 December 2014 - film report

  • The Acting Commissioner Jenni Perkins joined representatives from the Stratton Edge Youth Centre to watch a film they created as their Us and Our Community report.
  • The film was the culmination of the year’s reseach work they have undertaken, where they presented their findings about issues they experience such as bullying and safety but also about their hopes and dreams for the future. 
  • The Commissioner enjoyed the presentations from youth centre members Ryan and Sean who spoke at the event and described what it meant to be part of the project.
  • She also provided certificates to her 2014 Advisory Committee members and thanked them all for their efforts throughout the year.

4 June 2014 - mural launch

  • At the ‘unveiling’ of several murals at the Stratton Edge skatepark on Wednesday Acting Commissioner Jenni Perkins had a chance to see some of the things that give local young people a sense of connection with their community.
  • The murals feature symbols of scooters, music, superheroes, basketball and other interests and activities of the young people who make up the Stratton Edge Advisory Committee.
  • The next phase of their ‘Us and Our Community’ project involves the committee talking to other young people around Stratton about what is important to them.  

3 April 2014 - visit by the Acting Commissioner

  • The Acting Commissioner met with several young people involved in the Stratton Edge Advisory Committee. The first phase of their project involves a series of urban art workshops aimed at exploring their personal and collective place in the community and redesigning an outdoor area for young people.
  • The Commissioner enjoyed the opportunity to talk with the Advisory Committee members about their community and their thoughts for the future.