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Professor Stephen Zubrick

Professor Stephen Zubrick’s passion for helping children grow into healthy adults has seen him spend the past three decades working to find the best ways to do so.

Professor Zubrick is Professor of Child Health at the University of Western Australia and currently heads the Division of Population Science at the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research.

He is best known nationally for leading ground-breaking studies of children’s health, education and wellbeing including the WA Child Health Survey, the WA Aboriginal Child Health Survey and the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children. These studies have been, and continue to be, highly influential in shaping national policy and services for children and families.

Professor Zubrick is regarded as one of Australia’s leading authorities in epidemiology – the study of patterns of health events and their causes – of child and adolescent mental health.

Professor Zubrick is particularly recognised for the practical leadership and implementation of complex survey processes drawing on extensive state, national and international collaboration.

His ultimate goal is to see his psychological and social research findings translated into relevant, timely policies and actions on the part of governments and private agencies to positively influence the lives of children and young people in Australia and abroad.

Teaching the next generation of research leaders is, in Professor Zubrick’s view, the key to continuing the great work already underway that will lead to significant changes in the lives of individuals and families.

In 2011 Professor Zubrick was awarded the Children and Young People Lifetime Achievement Award at the WA Citizen of the Year awards.