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An investment in the road safety of our young people

This morning I joined around 8,500 high school students at bstreetsmart 2017.

Coordinated by the RAC, this annual event educates young people about road safety and the impact of dangerous driving through re-enactment and interactive activities.

We know that young people, particularly young men, are at an elevated risk of road accidents, which has a devastating effect on family, friends and communities.

The WA Police, Department of Fire and Emergency Services, St John Ambulance, Royal Perth Hospital and the Theatrical Response Group all also contributed to the activities.

The wellbeing of children and young people is everybody’s concern and it is pleasing to see another example of a private sector organisation working collaboratively with government and non-government organisations to support young people’s wellbeing.

I would like to thank the RAC for their invitation and commend everyone involved in creating such a valuable event.