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Children flourish when they are valued

Today I attended the launch of the Valuing Children Initiative, which has been established by Centrecare and Parkerville Children and Youth Care to inspire Australians as a society to value all children and see their wellbeing as a common responsibility.

My office firmly believes that we, as a society, are duty-bound to promote the rights, voices and contributions of all children and young people. They should be nurtured in safe, supportive, loving and positive environments if they are to reach their full potential and be recognised as valued members of the community.

Children and young people around the State have told me about the importance of being respected and valued, and having their voices and ideas heard.

To this end, my office is sponsoring a Valuing Children Initiative survey of Australian adults that will establish a baseline of attitudes to the value placed on children.

The results of this research, due to be released soon, will help us in planning future consultations and projects relating to the wellbeing of all children and young people.

More information about the Valuing Children Initiative can be accessed on the Valuing Children Initiative website.