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Commissioner’s advisory committees help improve understanding of LGBTI diversity

This week the Commissioner launched four short videos about LGBTI diversity produced by his 2018 Advisory Committees. The videos will be used as educational tools by schools and other organisations working with children and young people.

Throughout the year, the advisory committees focused on raising awareness on priority issues facing LGBTI children and young people and positive solutions. Their other activities included hosting educational seminars for students, families and teachers in Bunbury and Perth; attending radio interviews; and informing a number of law reform submissions made by the Commissioner.

Commissioner Colin Pettit said he was very impressed with the work of the committees which would help increase awareness of the wellbeing needs of LGBTI students.

“Young people in the videos talk about the social, emotional and physical challenges LGBTI young people face and offer positive ways they can be supported by those around them.” Mr Pettit said.

“The videos, along with case studies and other practical strategies, will be used by Inclusive Education WA in their work with schools. The resources will also be available to organisations working with children and young people and help them to develop inclusive policies and protocols to create safe, inclusive environments for LGBTI children and young people.”

The videos can be viewed on the LGBTI Advisory Committee resources page.