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Emily’s art is her passion

Nine year old Emily has enjoyed art for as long as she can remember.

Having begun classes when she was just 5 years old, Emily quickly found that she had a natural knack for craft.

Emily told us that she has tried her hand across a range of creative mediums.

“I’ve tried lots of different things; sculpture, drawing, knitting and constructing models,” she said.

However, her greatest passion is her painting.

“My favourite kind of art is in acrylics. Especially making large paintings from photos.”

Her Dad is a professional photographer, who often takes shots of scenery and landscape on their family trips. Emily has recently created a series of paintings based on these photos – some of which have been displayed in her school’s foyer.

“One of my paintings was done from a photo of Ningaloo Reef that my Dad took when we went on holiday to Exmouth. That one took me nine hours to paint.”

This sort of dedication is typical of Emily – she spent 14 hours on her most recent painting of Trigg Beach. She is currently she is working on a new painting from a photo of Denmark.

Emily works hard to improve her art. She likes to challenge herself with new and complicated styles and practices her art every week both in and out of school. On Saturday’s she has two hour lessons on painting.

Emily says art provides her with a creative outlet.

“I like to imagine how to paint a scheme and think about it”.

This foreplaning approach bodes well for her future aspirations – in the future she hopes to be able to get a job where she can apply her artistic skills, like being an art teacher or an architect.