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Fairground a great arena for sharing ideas

Over the past two days, I have had the pleasure of participating in the much-anticipated Fairground conference, which is an excellent opportunity for the youth sector to network and share ideas and experiences on issues of importance to young people throughout the State.

My office is pleased to support this event, which is organised every two years by the Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia (YACWA), not only because it focuses attention on issues pertinent to young people but gives young people themselves the opportunity to voice their views.

Yesterday, I moderated the Young People’s Panel, which explores issues that have an impact on young people at a community level. I was highly impressed by the four young panellists, who willingly shared personal experiences and spoke openly about the need to ensure that young people are consulted and heard on issues that affect them because their insights and contributions are absolutely vital in our work to address the challenges and issues they experience.

This morning, I joined a panel discussion on emerging issues in the youth sector, such as the number of children in care, mental health, funding reforms and homelessness.

I would like to congratulate YACWA on yet another successful conference. Their advocacy on behalf of the youth sector – encouraging them to speak out, join up and make a difference – is invaluable.

Colin Pettit
Commissioner for Children and Young People