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First release of children and young people’s wellbeing data

New wellbeing data released by the Commissioner will assist government and non-government organisations in addressing issues affecting WA children and young people.

Commissioner Colin Pettit has published the first data set from his new Indicators of Wellbeing – an online resource which gives an overview of how WA children and young people are faring across 11 key areas.

“This data is important for agencies that have a role in supporting WA children, young people and their families,” Mr Pettit said.

“The Indicators have been designed to be a practical resource that provides a single, collated overview of the wellbeing of WA’s children and young people and to help identify what is working and where changes in policies and practices are required.

“Importantly, the Indicators of Wellbeing were informed by the views of children and young people themselves on what wellbeing means to them and what it means to have a good life.”

The first data set covers indicators of wellbeing across learning and participating – including participation in child care, school attendance, supportive relationships at school, academic achievement and transitioning from school.

The Indicators of Wellbeing is available online and is a one-stop source of data, compiled from a range of both published and previously unpublished sources.

The Indicators of Wellbeing data is structured into three age groups and across three domains: Learning and participating (now available), Healthy and connected (released 2019), and Safe and supported (released 2019).

“Due to the volume of data I will be releasing the Indicators in stages, with the second and third domains to be released in the new year,” Mr Pettit said.

“Being an online resource, we will be updating and adding to this data as more information becomes available.”

The Indicators of Wellbeing was developed by the Commissioner in consultation with CoLab, through the Telethon Kids Institute.