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Key findings captured in Summit Report

Today I met with 13 young leaders who make up the Youth Leadership Roundtable (YLR) to discuss the findings from their 2015 Summit Report, which captures in detail 16 key issues identified by young people.

These young leaders, aged 16 to 25 years, are an inspiring group of young people from diverse backgrounds, who despite experiencing adversity are now doing exceptionally well for themselves as university students, passionate activists, community leaders, positive role models for their peers and young parents.

Working in collaboration with Save the Children’s South East Corridor Youth Partnership Project, this group provides direction, advice and support to ensure the projects’ priorities are in line with the needs of young people in the region.

Earlier this year, the YLR coordinated and facilitated a youth advocacy event during National Youth Week WA called ‘Speak Out for Change: Youth Voices on Youth Issues Summit’, consisting of youth-to-youth consultation workshops with more than 100 young people from across the Perth region about the issues they face and innovative ways to solve them.

Through this youth-led consultation, the 100 young people opened up and provided incredibly insightful views and ideas on a wide range of important issues.

The Summit Report to be released tomorrow is an incredible achievement, and I encourage everyone to review this report and consider what young people have to say.

Only a few days into my new role as Commissioner, it was wonderful to meet an inspiring group and hear about this tremendous project – I congratulate members of the YLR and Save the Children who support their work.

A report and a video which provides an overview of the project’s aims will be available via the Youth Partnership Project's website.

Colin Pettit
Commissioner for Children and Young People