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Literature reviews address key wellbeing issues

Acting Commissioner Jenni Perkins has today released two literature reviews, which provide an overview of research concerning social media and school disengagement.

The Children and young people at risk of disengagement from school literature review highlights the programs and strategies that are effective in engaging children and young people in education and supporting their wellbeing needs.

The reasons for students’ disengagement is also explored with young people raising disaffection with relationships  in the school environment – with both their friends and teachers – as a key factor.

This literature review is the first stage in ongoing work of the Commissioner’s office to consult further with relevant stakeholders, including children and young people, about what more can be done to support all students to remain engaged with learning and particularly the school environment.

The second literature review, Social media and the wellbeing of children and young people, discusses children and young people’s social media use and the relative effects on their wellbeing.

The review shows that while there are some significant risks, the effects of social media are broadly positive, and can be maximised by supporting strategies that increase young people’s capacity to engage positively and safely.

Acting Commissioner Jenni Perkins said children and young people’s use of technology and social media is evolving at a rapid pace, which can have far reaching implications for their wellbeing.

“From the age of five nearly all Australian children regularly access the internet and, by the time they become teenagers, are avid users of social network services,” Ms Perkins said.

“It is important to effectively understand this changing environment and the range of good practice examples available so parents and caregivers, service providers, and policymakers can better identify and respond to the challenges and opportunities of children and young people’s social media use.”