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Mindful leadership in primary education

I was pleased to address the WA Primary Principals' Association annual conference today on the importance of listening to the views of children and young people.

This annual conference brings together education leaders from around the State to discuss current issues and topics in primary school education under the theme of mindful leadership.

I outlined the work of my office in delivering the WA Child Safe Organisations guidelines and recent consultations where children and young people have shared important learnings for policy and service providers.

This conference was also an opportunity to discuss my planned consultation on school and learning. This consultation will involve up to 2,000 Western Australian children and young people to find out what motivates them and demotivates them at school.

A good education is vital to children’s wellbeing and their ability to achieve their goals.

 While schools do a great job of supporting the wide range of learning and developmental needs of their students and developing relationships with them, there is a lack of information and understanding about what the students’ perspective is on this.

I will be sharing more information about my school and learning consultation in the near future.