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Peel Listening Tour report released

The Commissioner for Children and Young People, Jacqueline McGowan-Jones, has released a report on her recent visit to the Peel region.

In early March 2022, the Commissioner visited the Peel region to meet with and hear from young people about their concerns and what matters to them. Young people consistently raised concerns about safety in the community and on public transport; the environment; mental health; bullying, both at school and online; and the need for more opportunities in training and employment.

The concerns raised by young people throughout the visit supported the information gathered through the Commissioner’s Speaking Out Survey in 2021 and demonstrates that there is a need for a cohesive, holistic approach to service delivery to support children and young people in accessing appropriate supports at the right time.

Homelessness, poverty, wellbeing and mental health are key concerns across all cohorts with whom the Commissioner met during the visit.

The Commissioner is grateful to everyone in Peel that took time to share their experiences and insights with her.

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