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The WA Police's creative project for students

Last night I attended the awards ceremony of the Students Advising Youth (SAY) project run by the WA Police and the Lions Drug and Education Foundation, which invites students aged 12 to 18 years to create short videos about alcohol and drug misuse.

Alcohol and drug abuse by adults and young people themselves has a serious negative impact on young people’s safety and wellbeing.

The appropriately named SAY project does an excellent job of empowering young people to voice their opinions and ideas on this important issue.

I was very impressed by the videos created by the young people, which were both creative and poignant, and I encourage everyone visit the project website and see what young people had to say.

It is important for organisations to respond to what young people have to say through programs such as SAY, and for programs and services to be shaped by their views and opinions.

I congratulate the WA Police, Lions Drug and Education Foundation, and especially the young people who participated in the project.