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Summary of the National Principles e-learning modules

The Australian Government commissioned the Australian Human Rights Commission to develop resources to help organisations implement the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. 

The Australian Human Rights Commission developed e-learning modules for organisations to increase their knowledge and understanding of the ten National Principles.

The modules are available free of charge from the Australian Human Rights Commission website once you have registered online.

What are the modules?

There are 11 e-learning modules. The first module provides an overview, and modules two to 11 explain the requirements of each of the ten National Principles. The modules include examples from settings including schools, health clinics, sports clubs, early education programs, community centres and organised camps.

Technical requirements

You will need a computer, laptop or tablet to view the modules. An email address is required for registration and to access the modules.


The text on each of the slides is read verbally by a narrator, so you may wish to use headphones. Captioning is also available. Narration is in English only.

How much time will I need?

Each module will take you around 20 minutes. You may wish to take notes while completing the modules as you develop ideas for your organisation.

There are brief quizzes within each module to assess your understanding. Once you have completed each module you will be emailed a certificate of completion.

Who are the modules intended for?

The modules are intended to help people working or volunteering in all organisations that engage with children and young people – including those of various sizes and sectors. They provide introductory content.

Each of the ten National Principles are inter-related. While the e-learning is presented in modules, it is not intended that a staff member only completes the modules that appear to be of relevance to their role. This would result in staff missing vital information about all the responsibilities that apply to them.

How can the modules be used?

Responsibility for ensuring that staff and volunteers are trained to implement the National Principles rests with the leaders of organisations. Leaders have a crucial role in creating a child safe culture.

The e-learning package may be used in a number of ways by your organisation. Examples include:

  • Leaders undertaking the modules to establish an understanding of the National Principles and identifying steps required to implement them
  • An organisation’s child safe focal point undertaking the modules to support identifying next steps and knowledge gaps
  • Staff responsible for workforce training and development completing the modules to support a training needs analysis within the organisation
  • Using the modules during staff education sessions or staff meetings
  • Using the modules during induction training
  • Completing the modules as an individual member of a small or volunteer-based organisation and then discussing with your peers to determine next steps for the organisation.

I’ve completed the e-learning…where can I go for further information?

Organisations and the children and young people they serve are diverse. You can visit Child Safe Organisations WA on the Commissioner's website for comprehensive information about the National Principles - including downloadable guidelines, resources and practical examples on each of the ten principles.

The e-learning modules include downloadable resource sheets, however to assist organisations, the Commissioner’s team has reviewed these sheets and included relevant links and examples in one central place through Child Safe Organisations WA.

Organisational self-assessment and review tool

After completing the modules you may wish to assess your organisations current practices and identify areas for action. You can download the Commissioner’s National Principles for Child Safe Organisations WA: Self-assessment and review tool to help you with this process.

Planning for implementation

To support you to develop a clear plan about how to implement the ten National Principles in your organisation, best practice information is available on the Commissioner's website. 


The e-learning modules are one resource to support organisations to understand the National Principles.

If you wish to provide feedback about the modules or require other resources please email or phone the Commissioner’s office on 6213 2297.

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