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About me

Hi my name is Hannah and I’m 16 years of age.

I’m from Roebourne but I’ve been living in Wickham for most my life now. I am a Yinnawangkha, Yinjibarndi and Ngarluma girl and I’m very proud of my identity and my culture.

My leadership development began in primary school, at a time where students are still learning to control their behaviour and learning the basic rights and wrong. During primary school I used to get picked on and got called names like “goodie two shoes” or “teacher’s pet’’ just because of my maturity and good behaviour at such a young age. The name calling used to faze me but over time I began to get over it because of the role models (my teachers) around me, who encouraged me to continue my ways and ignore the negativity towards me. My leadership skills continued to progress when I became the Faction captain in Year 7 which enabled me to do speeches at school events and had meetings to exercise my mind and skills.

My time in high school so far has definitely taught me a variety of ways to cope, solve and compromise multiple situations. I look forward to seeing what I can do to contribute to this program and assist with making my community a better place for the present and the future generations.

My interview with Gloria Smith

1. What's your definition of leadership?

You need to have a vision for your position, so you can know your purpose and know how to bring that vision to fulfillment. You need to have the ability to communicate and help those you lead - to see what you see, so that they will see the vision you have and know where you are leading them. You need to be able to listen and respect those you lead, respect their ideas and opinions and trust and give opportunities and support to help them develop and grow and let them contribute to the vision, to bring about a vision that's guided by the leader and owned by all.

2. What does it mean to you?

Leadership is an important position. You are responsible for the people you lead. You need to be able to see and/or be able to bring out the skills within the people and allow them to have a go, you need to allow them opportunity help and support the vision.

3. What do you think the community you're living in is lacking?

Leadership with vision and purpose and skills to bring about the fulfillment of the vision. A leader that is caring and passionate about the work they do or want to do and the people they lead.  

4. What can be done to improve it?

Check that the leader has the qualities in question 3.

5. Who do you believe is a good leader in our community?

Jane Tittums of Karratha.

6. Why do you believe they are a good leader?

She cares and is passionate about helping people, always looking at ways to better engage and support people and giving them an opportunity of employment in her business and always networking with other community leaders to gain their advice and support to improve the way she operates.

7. What do you hope for the future; in terms of leadership within the future generation?

Encourage the future generation to start asking themselves what they would like to do and if they don't know, try things out and not to be afraid to do it with a good attitude until they find what they like. And most of all don't be afraid of failing, if you fail just keep trying and keep smiling. 

8. What's the best quality a leader could ever possess?

When leading people and things go wrong - always separate the issue from the person and deal with the issue by encouraging the person to be involved with problem solving - to keep a good relationship with that person.