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Brayden says make your own destiny

"One day I want to leave Australia and travel to another continent. I’ve only left WA once. I’ve lived in Carnarvon most of my life, but have also been to Darwin, Karratha and Perth, where I lived with my aunty and went to school for a few months. I’d rather be in Carnarvon though.

I’m from the Yamatji and Yinggarda people. I’d like to learn more about our languages and spiritual ways, and where our people used to go, like the old places and sites. My dad knows a bit about my culture but my uncles know a lot more. I just haven’t always got time to see them because they work.

At home I live with my mum and dad, my two brothers and two sisters. I’m the oldest. I have a lot of extended family from all over the place too. I have heaps of good childhood memories. One of my favourites is when we went camping out at Rocky Pool with my family. My aunties, uncles, cousins, nan and pop were all there.

We lit a fire and stayed up until about two in the morning just yarning and having a laugh with each other. We slept under the stars and I can still remember them shining.

When I was younger I thought school was just about learning something. But now I see it actually sets you up for the future and opens up more job opportunities.

This time last year, I wouldn’t have said I liked school but my teachers, family and the Clontarf Academy have all helped me to get better. When I first started at Clontarf I kept getting in trouble, like missing the camps and stuff. I felt pretty left out though so decided I didn’t want to be in trouble anymore. It’s more fun doing the right thing. It means I can get more involved and not only help others but improve myself. Getting better makes you feel good. Like now I’ve been given an opportunity to do an apprenticeship with Rio Tinto. I’m so proud of that.

School is important. It teaches you discipline, things like not rocking up late and being organised. In my family there are some who work and others who don’t. I can definitely see the advantages of working, they’re just better off.

I think some young kids drink too much and do drugs and choose to live with each other at a young age instead of concentrating on school and work. Maybe they think another chance will come by. I think you should take all the opportunities and support you can. I say just ignore the people that are giving you a hard time, stick with your family and trust your teachers.

Don’t lose faith in yourself because you make your own destiny."