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Children's protection is a community-wide responsibility

The acting Commissioner for Children and Young People Jenni Perkins has said the recently released statistics regarding breaches of the law and guidelines by childcare services are a reminder that management, staff, parents and the community all have an important role to play in children’s safety and protection.

“While I am concerned about any breach of standards, the majority of childcare centres will be providing safe and supportive environments for children in line with the expectations of parents and the community,” Ms Perkins said. 

“However it is vital for all organisations that come into contact with children to be proactive in developing policies and an organisational culture that are focussed on the prevention of harm.

“Organisations working with children must have a thorough understanding of the issues that impact on children’s safety and should be supported in continually improving their standards of care.

“These inspections play a role in the ongoing education of organisations and ensuring our children are safe and their wellbeing supported. 

“The safety and healthy development of all WA children, including those attending childcare, must be the community’s highest priority.”