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Collaborating to promote early literacy

This morning I visited and was thoroughly impressed by Paint Kwinana REaD – an early reading program run by the Kwinana Early Years Committee.

The event was part of the broader Paint the Town REaD campaign which aims to increase awareness of the importance of reading across Australia and introduce young children to basic literacy through fun, interactive activities.

It was the second such event in WA, the first being Paint the Swan REaD.

The event brought together a range of organisations including United Way WA, the Smith Family, Ngala, and the Darius Wells Library and Resource Centre which served as its hub.

We know that children’s experiences in early childhood have a major impact on their capacity to engage in formal education, and then their longer-term social and emotional development.

The simple activities encouraged by Paint Kwinana REaD provide parents with easy ways to stimulate their children’s learning from an early age.

I commend the work that the Kwinana Early Years Committee and all partners involved. It was a wonderful event and a pleasure to see so many families participating.

More information about Paint the Town REaD can be found here.