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DigiMe encourages children and young people across WA to have a say

The Commissioner for Children and Young People Colin Pettit has today launched DigiMe, a fun and creative way for children and young people to express their views to the Commissioner and the broader community.

DigiMe encourages WA children and young people to create their cartoon-like digital image and then make comment on an important topic.

Mr Pettit said DigiMe supports his important role to promote the involvement of children and young people in discussion and debate about the community in which we all live.

“The DigiMe discussion topic will change through the year providing WA children and young people with the opportunity to comment on different topics, some fun and others a little more serious.

“As well as informing me what children and young people think about certain topics, we will promote their views to the community through my website, a new Instagram account and other forums, while protecting children’s identity.

“I am pleased to launch DigiMe during Children’s Week, which celebrates the talents, skills and abilities of WA children, and the importance of encouraging children to express themselves.

“We had a great time attending Meerilinga’s Family Fun Day at Whiteman Park last Sunday, with scores of children and young people being among the first to post their DigiMe, which are now live.

“I encourage all WA children and young people to get involved with DigiMe and have a say, so the community better understand what is important to them.”

DigiMe images created by WA children and young people are posted on the DigiMe Voices page of the Commissioner’s website and a special Instagram account @digime_wa

If you haven’t already, create a DigiMe image and have a say now!