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Keearn stays connected to culture

My Aboriginal culture means a lot to me. I live in Derby in the West Kimberley but sometimes we visit my Mum’s country and go out hunting and fishing and catch rock cod and blue bone. I catch the fish and can fillet it myself, which my uncle taught me to do. I like to snorkel and go spear fishing and drag netting.

I like learning about my family’s heritage and what it means to be Bardi. I am also connected to Japanese and English culture.

We follow traditional lore in Derby. Sometimes this means it’s hard for young men to go to school because they become a man and have other responsibilities.

I go to school every day though, even when I’m sick. I also do Follow the Dream two days a week too. It’s a tutoring program that’s helping me do better at school.

I’ve just been on a camp to Rumble Bay. I was one of four kids picked to go and we got to learn about leadership and team building. Others came from Yiyili, Noonkanbah and from Perth. I’m trying to take what I’ve learnt and use the skills in my own community.

I play basketball and football with Clontarf and my own team called the Back Street Bulls. I do swimming, football and volleyball too. I went to a physiotherapy clinic once where they came and taught us how to strap up injuries. When I grow up I think I want to be a physiotherapist.

I live with my family. We all live in the same house, that’s good because I get to see my brothers every day. I like Derby. It’s good here.