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New WA Participation Guidelines released

New Participation Guidelines are available to assist organisations to engage children and young people in decision-making processes.

Commissioner for Children and Young People Colin Pettit said that WA’s 610,000 children and young people represent almost a quarter of the population and their views needed to be considered in planning services and policies.

“Organisations that involve young people in decision-making are best placed to deliver programs and services that are relevant, engaging and safe,” Commissioner Pettit said.

“Children and young people have differing needs, experiences and perspectives to those of adults and they should be empowered to share their views and participate in decisions that impact them,” he said.

“In any decision-making process, adults, organisations and the wider community have a responsibility to listen, respond to and collaborate with children and young people to ensure they are protected and supported.”

The steps in the Participation Guidelines are based on best practice as well as the voices and experiences of WA’s children and young people and provide practical advice for organisations, whether government, non-government, private or volunteer, how to plan and deliver on involvement, communication, consent, recognising contributions, following up, and paying attention to feedback.

The Guidelines should be used in conjunction with the Commissioner’s Child Safe Organisations WA resources and Child Impact Assessment Guidelines.

The guidelines are available online and in hard copy.