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Contributions made by children and young people should be recognised for their value and merit and given due consideration in decision making.

All agencies whose work affects children and young people are encouraged to involve them in decision making.

The Commissioner provides information for agencies that are planning to involve children and young people in their work and decision making.


Stand Up, Be Heard youth forum report

The ‘Stand Up, Be Heard Report’ presents the findings from 97 year nine students from 13 schools in the Perth metropolitan area who attended the Stand Up, Be Heard Youth Forum in 2023 to discuss the importance of young people advocating for themselves and the issues that are important to them.

DigiMe: What can adults learn from children?

The Commissioner's office asked children and young people to create digital avatars and share their views.

Participation Guidelines

The Commissioner has developed guidelines to assist organisations to listen to and involve children and young people in decision making.

Child Impact Assessment Form

A template to guide organisations in undertaking child impact assessments.

Issues papers


Policy briefs

Children and young people speak out about being acknowledged and involved in decisions

Developed from the Commissioner's 2011 Wellbeing research project


Submission to the National Contributing Life Project, May 2013

A National Contributing Life Methodology

Submission to the Department of Commerce, August 2009

Independent Review of the Western Australian Industrial Relations System

More information

Participation toolkit for children under 12 years of age

Commissioner for Children Tasmania


Commissioner's Participate Award - WA Youth Awards

The Commissioner for Children and Young People Participate Award recognises a young person aged 12 to 17 years who has shown outstanding dedication to make a positive change in their community, and who has inspired other young people to get involved.

Children’s Environment and Health Local Government Policy Awards

Since 2015, the Commissioner has sponsored the Children’s Consultation Award. Involving children and young people in discussions on issues supports them to make informed decisions about their own lives and ensures strategies meet their needs. This category looks for innovative strategies LG’s are implementing to give young people a voice. Read more about the Local Governments Report Card Awards.

Involving children with disability seminar 2013

The Involving children with disability seminar was held on 28 November 2013 to support organisations’ meaningful inclusion of children and young people with disability in their work and decision making.

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