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iBUILD consultation 2010

iBUILD is a project that gave a group of children and young people a say about how the spaces and places in their communities (the built environment) can be improved for children and young people. 

It started with a workshop where the children and young people, with the help of fourth year Curtin University architecture students, expressed their ideas through fun, creative activities. 

The architecture students then took these ideas away to further develop concepts and create the iBUILD display.

The concepts showed that the participants want built environments that are safe, colourful, welcoming, have places to hide and also places to engage in extreme sports. The creative ideas of the participants were evident in the students’ display, with skeleton-shaped playgrounds and a guitar-shaped youth centre.

The Commissioner Michelle Scott, State Government Architect Steve Woodland and the head of Curtin University School of Architecture Sarah McGann launched the display during Architecture Week on 19 October 2010.

The Commissioner will be using the ideas and views expressed through iBUILD to help guide the office's work on the built environment.

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iBUILD project summary

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