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Child protection

The Commissioner monitors developments in child protection legislation, policies and practices, and advocates to improve the outcomes for children in the out of home care system.

For up to date information on child protection refer to the Commissioner's Indicators of Wellbeing data resource.


Independent Review of Department of Communities policies and practices in the placement of children with harmful sexual behaviours in residential care settings

Discussion paper - Oversight of child safe standards and out-of-home care in WA

Assessing the quality and comprehensiveness of child protection practice frameworks

A report prepared for the Australia's Children's Commissioner and Guardians Group (ACCG) by the Australian Centre for Child Protection

Voice of mothers with empty arms - Separation and reunification issues experienced by mothers with alcohol and other substance use issues

A report prepared for the Commissioner for Children and Young People WA by Edith Cowan University

Issues papers

Parent's rights and participation in child protection practice


Submission to the Commonwealth Standing Committee on Social Policy and Affairs inquiry into family, domestic and sexual violence

The Commissioner's submission to the inquiry into family, domestic and sexual violence.

Submission to the Community Development and Justice Standing Committee, October 2019

The Commissioner's submission to the Inquiry into the Magistrates Court of WA's management of matters involving family and domestic violence.

Submission to the Productivity Commission Consultation Paper, March 2019

Submission to the consultation paper on 'What is known about systems that enable the 'public health approach' to protecting children'.

Submission to Department for Children Protection and Family Support, April 2017

Consultation paper for the Review of the 2017 Children and Community Services Act 2004

More information

Reporting a child protection concern

Concerns about a child's wellbeing can be reported to the Department of Communities - Child Protection and Family Support

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