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Perth LGBTI Advisory Committee

The Perth LGBTI Advisory Committee is a group of 17 young people from metropolitan Perth aged from 16 to 20 years.

These young people wanted to be part of the Commissioner’s Advisory Committee to explore solutions that could help improve the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or intersex young people in WA.

The Commissioner’s office will be supported by a Coordinator from Freedom Centre to assist in delivering the metropolitan committee.


28 March 2018

The committee met for their second meeting in March and voted on the key issues they want to focus on for the year and brainstormed a range of ideas about how the committee and the Commissioner might be able to work together to address the key issues they identified, including:

  •  Legal considerations for LGBTI people - including looking at improving legislation to ensure that LGBTI children and young people are protected from discrimination, and that legal processes are accessible for LGBTI children and young people (e.g. to change gender etc).
  •  Schools and education – including finding ways to ensure that LGBTI children and young people feel safe and included in their schools, and that there is education and visibility of LGBTI children and young people within school and education settings.
  •  Support for trans and transitioning children and young people – including education and training for health professionals, increased access to support and information for children and young people and their parents, addressing costs of name change and lack of suppliers. 
  • Activities, events and support for LGBTI young people – including looking at increasing the access that LGBTI children and young people have to LGBTI youth events and activities, and finding ways to increase the visibility of LGBTI young people.

These ideas will be reviewed by the Commissioner for Children and Young People, and progressed at the next Advisory Committee meeting.

14 March 2018

Advisory Committee members Leon, Kira and Ella were interviewed by RTR FM’s All Things Queer radio program, discussing the work of the Committee, some of the key issues impacting LGBTI children and young people, and the importance of LGBTI children and young people having a voice. The program can be restreamed through the RTR website

24 January 2018

Commissioner for Children and Young People Colin Pettit hosted a meeting for the committee at his office in Subiaco, bringing together new members for the first time and providing them an opportunity to get to know each other and learn more about the role of the Commissioner and the committees.

Members shared their thoughts on some of the areas where they would like to see positive change occur for LGBTI young people in WA, and the issues they would like to specifically hone in and work on as a committee.

Some suggestions included:

  • improving LGBTI children and young people’s experiences in schooling
  • the community, e.g. reducing discrimination and harassment
  • raising awareness about LGBTI issues
  • improving processes for trans children and young people
  • housing and employment etc.

The group also spoke about how they might like to work together during the year.

More information

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