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Technology a tool to strengthen mental health

How social media and technology can help to strengthen mental health in children and young people was the core theme of two videos created by the Commissioner for Children and Young People’s 2017 North Metropolitan and Geraldton Advisory Committees.

The videos focus on the process the groups followed during the year that led them to identify the key mental health issues and barriers to young people accessing help in their community. The committees also workshopped technological solutions that could improve outcomes for children and young people in their area, including the development of an app wireframe.

Commissioner Colin Pettit said this research aligned well the current priorities of the office.

“During 2016-17, I hosted a Thinker in Residence program, which saw the community come together with mental health researcher advocate Professor Jane Burns to discuss in depth and promote the importance of wellbeing and the mental health of children and young people,” Mr Pettit said.

“My advisory committees had the opportunity to meet with Professor Burns and not only identified some the biggest mental health issues faced by young people, but also created a well-defined, innovation solution to tackle the reasons why some young people don’t seek help or support. “This research is incredibly valuable and it was fantastic to see young people take an interest in such important issues.

“I congratulate all the young people who worked on this project.”

The Commissioner for Children and Young People selects two advisory committees of children and young people each year from metropolitan Perth and regional Western Australia to advise him on matters affecting the wellbeing of children and young people.

The Commissioner ‘s 2018 committee involves Perth-based  young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or intersex who will be advising the Commissioner on wellbeing  issues. Their views will influence the focus and direction of the Commissioner’s advocacy work, directly informing a wide range of research, policy and advocacy initiatives.