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Around 1 in 12 of all WA children and young people have some form of disability.

In many ways, children and young people with disability have the same views as the majority of children and young people in Western Australia. They also have a disability. In some cases this affects their communication, coordination, senses, thinking processes or mobility. Their disability is just one part of their life however – they want to be known for who they are, as a person with abilities, talent and potential.

It is vital for children and young people with disability to be appropriately supported so they are able to play a positive and fulfilling role in the community.


Speaking out about autism

The views of WA children and young people with autism.

Indicators of Wellbeing

The Commissioner has developed this practical online data resource to monitor and report on the wellbeing of WA’s children and young people.

Our Children Can’t Wait: Review of the implementation of recommendations of the 2011 Report of the Inquiry into the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people in WA

Speaking out about disability

Policy briefs

Children and young people with disability

Developed from the Commissioner's 2011 Mental Health Inquiry


Submission to the Senate Education and Employment Committees, August 2015

Inquiry into current levels of access and attainment for students with disability in the school system, and the impact on students and families associated with inadequate levels of support.

Submission to the Department of Social Services, July 2015

Review of the National Disability Advocacy Framework

Submission to Senate Standing Committees on Community Affairs, May 2015

Inquiry into violence, abuse and neglect against people with disability in institutional and residential settings, including the gender and age-related dimensions, and the particular situation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability and culturally and linguistically diverse people with disability.

Submission to the Department of Health, May 2015

WA Disability Health Framework 2015-2025

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