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City of Mandurah Youth Development Services

The City of Mandurah Youth Development Services Advisory Committee included young people aged 12 to 17 years who attended a drop-in centre and drama and boxing programs at the Mandurah Centre.

Us and Our Community project

Through a survey and group meetings, a core group of young people explored issues of concern to young people in Mandurah.

These included jobs and unemployment, body image, mental health, bullying, personal safety and parental concerns over safety, and matters about growing up.


28 August 2014 - survey goes live

The committee met with two of the Commissioner’s staff to finalise their survey and release it online. Committee members were then able to start promoting the survey to young people at the centre and they were pleased to see completed surveys being submitted in real time!

After the survey period ends, the next step is for the committee to look at the results and determine what the key findings are. 

14 August 2014 - preparing survey

The committee and youth development officer met with two staff of the Commissioner’s office to prepare the questions for a survey to take place in late August.

27 June 2014 - scoping the project

The committee and youth development officer at the City of Mandurah Alisha Williams met two staff from the Commissioner’s office to discuss how the committee will advise the Commissioner on issues relevant to the young people of Mandurah.

10 April 2014 - initial visit by Acting Commissioner

Acting Commissioner Jenni Perkins visited Billy Dower Centre to hear views of young people about living in Mandurah.