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Commissioner's Change Champions

Be a Change Champion to have a say and be heard!

"I would like you to become one of my Change Champions – a group of WA children and young people who are interested in sharing their views, insights and recommendations on important issues. I look forward to using your views to help make WA a great place for all children and young people to live." Colin Pettit

What does it involve?

Every term we will email you a question. For example, What needs to change in your town for young people?

We will keep your name private. Your answers will be anonymous. 

You don't have to answer all of the questions. And you can stop at any time.

The first question will be sent out in Term 1, 2021.

Why should I join?

Your views are important. 

Many children say that adults don't always listen to them.

As a Change Champion your voice will be heard and you can make a difference.

You could also go into a random draw to win a $25 gift voucher (with four drawn each term!)

Who can join?

Anyone under the age of 18 who lives in WA. 

To join, fill out the form below. You will need to have your parent's or carer's approval.

We will email you and your parent/carer about your registration.

We will always keep your personal information private.

Info for parents and carers

We will need to check with you whether it’s ok for your child to participate. After your child registers, we will contact you to confirm.

If you wish, we will email you each question (once a term) that we will be sending to the group a few days in advance so you can have the opportunity to discuss the question with your child.

Your child’s personal information and your contact details will never be disclosed and will be kept secure.

Your child may stop being a Change Champion at any time and can choose to not answer a particular question if they prefer not to.

For more information email us on or call 6213 2297 or freecall 1800 072 444.

Join the Commissioner's Change Champions

Questions with an asterisk * must be completed.

Your surname and email address will always remain private. The responses you provide may be used on the Commissioner's website or in publications.

Thank you for joining! We will send you an email shortly with some welcome information. After submitting your form you will be directed to our Info for Children and Young People page where you can read more.