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Mr Russell Woolf

Russell Woolf is the presenter of 720 ABC Perth’s Saturday Breakfast program on local radio. He is eminently qualified to be an Ambassador for Children and Young People as he once was a child, then a young person and now, almost always, is an adult.

Russell was educated in Perth and spent more than 10 years involved in a youth group both as a member and a leader. In many ways he believes those experiences helped nurture and shape him into the person he is today. 

Russell studied at UWA and Curtin University, went into his family business for a few years and then was accepted into the broadcasting course at the WA Academy of Performing Arts. His radio work took him to Esperance, Kalgoorlie and Karratha before returning to Perth and the ABC.

In his position in the media, Russell works to ensure children and young people are given a voice and are heard in the community. He has been supportive of the work of the Commissioner for Children and Young People and he interviews children and young people, and those that work to support and nurture their wellbeing.

Another significant qualification is that Russell has a young daughter. Obviously not a unique experience, but one that has nonetheless opened his eyes even further to the needs of young people in our community.

He believes there is much to celebrate in our children and young people and that as a society we must protect, support, listen and encourage them. Is there anything more heart- breaking than learning that a young child has turned to an adult to share something of great personal significance only to not be heard, or heard but not believed?